BUCKETLIST # 4: Visit Boracay (DAY 2)

Our second day started out early coz we wanted our trip to be worth it every single day and we don’t wanna miss out any happening in the heart of Bora. It was around 6:00am when we experience the beach of Bora in its quite and peaceful ambiance. You must really try this! Swear it was so relaxing and I did appreciate even more how God created such gift in Aklan. The morning view was too lovely, free from noise and less crowded sea side and so we can’t get enough taking group pictures.

Ofcourse I had my me time and was able to play with sands like I usually do when in the beach until I got dirty  hehe.


We continued to walk along the long shore of the beach then took our breakfast at McDonald’s.

Before our assembly time with our adventure tour guide, we’re trying to find the right timing and spot to capture us in our swim wear outfit and right timing and spot means zero presence of others haha. You know it isn’t possible. So it’s all about confidence and the photo says it all 😉

It was round 8:00AM when we meet up with our official tour guide Kuya Gil for the adventures that day.

1st adventure is ride of All-terrain Vehicle

Everyone of us were first timers. Before the ride, you will undergo a brief orientation about the location of the ride, how to operate the vehicle and the do’s and don’ts of it. It was a 30 minute ride going up and down in a bumpy and busy road going to Mt. Luho. It was also the most fulfilling in all the rides we have experienced because you aren’t riding in an exclusive ATV road only but rather a main road. So you are with big trucks and you have to follow the traffic enforcers instruction along the way. As soon as you reach the top, an overwhelming feeling that you we’re able to finish half of the adventure is really an achievement. My arm muscles were really exhausted but everything paid off when we reach the top of Mt. Luho.

From their, everything for us were unexpected. We thought it will all just be about ATV ride but you will also have an overlooking and wider view of Boracay which was really beautiful.



After Mt. Luho, we then ride again the ATV going back to their main site for the next adventure. But before that, I guess the ATV Crew / Kuya Gil’s company deserves a shout out for a nice service to us:)
On our way to Parasailing adventure…

This one is really cool and literally breathtaking. We needed to ride a speed boat going to parasailers area which was quite in deep blue see already.


It was so much exciting and fun especially when you are already at the top. The cloud 9 feeling and refreshing breath is there while swinging with the air. Such an unforgettable experience!
The heat is on and yet we’re still that hyper and excited for the next  adventure and we needed again to ride another speed boat, going to the 3rd one.

3rd and last adventure for the day is Helmet Diving

So the excitement was turned into fear and hesitation after the orientation. We were taught about the non verbal cues practiced by scuba divers when under the sea. This one was a bit challenging to us, since mostly  are not swimmers. But one thing to bear in mind in this adventure is never ever panic. Most of us, experienced the pain in our ears while going 17 feet under the sea and it caused us panicked. However, we we’re already aware during the orientation with that, so the key was to listen carefully so you’ll able to save your self. Under the sea, you’ll see different types of fishes and try feeding them. You’ll also enjoy some sort of entertainment by the diver plus a CD of pictures and video of the adventure also is included in the packaged.

Almost 1:00PM already when we finished and we ended up our first half of the day with an unlimited rice for lunch at Mang Inasal.

Then the body pain and tiring mode attacks, so the whole afternoon was spent i n bed. We woke up and get out of our room around 6:30PM already for a another round of walk and dinner. That was Day 2!

Day 2 random thoughts:
The me time in front of the beach during the morning was an answered request. It did completed my stay in Boracay plus the confidence in wearing a two piece also did a big impact personally. I feel good and happy with what I did so I think there’s nothing to be ashamed of. haha.
The adventures, could be my once in a lifetime experience. I am just so thankful and proud that I was able to face my fears, shout out loud and enjoy every single moment I had. But more than the experience, it was Kuya Gil that has a big impact to me. He’s so passionate and nice. I was just expecting for a fun adventure but he gave us more than that. The packaged was full of surprises and every little thing matters a lot.

Day 2 expenses:
Breakfast @ Mcdo – 80php each
Adventure Package -1,500php each
(inclusive of: Multicab ride from and to the adventures, ATV ride, Mt. Luho, Speed boat ride from and to water adventures, Parasailing, Helmet diving with CD)
Tip for tour guide  – 100php each
Tip for ATV crew – 40php each
Tip for Parasailing crew – 20php each
Tip for Helmet diving crew – 20php each
Tricycle from last adventure to Mang Inasal – 20php each
Lunch @ Mang Inasal – 100php each
Dinner @ Panay Andoks – 120php each
TOTAL – 2,000php>


6 thoughts on “BUCKETLIST # 4: Visit Boracay (DAY 2)

  1. Hi Ms. Julie! Who was your contact person in Boracay for your Adventure Package (1,500php each)? Ang cheap kasi and mukhang sulit? I & my friends will be there in Boracay on Oct. 11-13 and I am looking for a cheap packages. 🙂 Thank you! 🙂


    • hello toni. si kuya gil po. 09392127015. yan number nya. hopefully macontact nyo po. doon na namin sya na meet. and highly recommended po sya at ang team nya. mas lesser ang nabyaran namin kasi august yon and hndi peak season. i think 1500 something po yon tumawad lang kami kay kuya gil hehe. hopefully ma blog mo din experience nyo tapos share ng link para ma basa q din po. thanks for d visit. enjoy kau.


      • Thanks Ms. Julie! I’ll update you po, pero sna ganun pa din ang prices. Or is it beter kung dumiretso kami sa mga operators? Hm. I don’t have a blog, pero I’ll send you message soon. Hehe! Thanks po.


      • I don’t have any idea if direct po sa operators kasi wala din talaga kami kakilaa doon n.that time. marami po kasi talaga sa sea side yong mga mag ooffer ng adventure packages, and almost the same yong prices nila. lucky enough, si kuya gil ang pinili namin, who was the last one kasi dead end na nong station na nilakaran namin and yon nakita nmin sya sa pwesto nya. mabait din kasi sya kausap. the next day, siya na nag guide sa amin the entire adventure. and okey po talaga customer service nya. sya na din po yong nag coordinate doon sa parang office nila and all. sulit naman din:) yes hopefully, same prices po.:) cge ah, enjoy:)


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