Bucketlist #4: Visit Boracay (Day 3 and 4 )

DAY 3:

Our third day started out with a continental breakfast at Luna Rossa which is just a walking distance from where we stayed and who was own by a kababayan of mine:) Inclusive of the food are the umbrellas and benches fronting the beach. I guess this was my favorite part of our trip- The Beach Life:)

Like what I usually tell to my friends, I am not afraid of getting tanned because I always love playing or spending outdoor activities under the heat of the sun.

More of our random photos during beach time 🙂
I am just truly thankful to these people. Each moment spent during the trip was all worth it. Look how confident we are in our swim wears this time 🙂 I guess the ambiance and the people around you in Boracay helps out in building your self-confidence because you know that they won’t talk behind your back. Its just about wearing what’s should be, embracing the beauty of the place and just enjoy everything:)

What I also love when travelling is when I got to meet strangers:) Nice strangers:) Like these korean girls who were also game in having groupies with us:) They were just walking along the beach and friendly enough in accepting our request to have photo with them:) Nice!

After the whole morning of spending in the beach, we took our lunch at Golden Cowrie:) special thanks to Ate Sarah for the treat:) and just a trivia: Golden Cowrie is a sister company of Hukad restaurant and this was my first time to try their Chicken Pandan which became one of my new favorite food since then:) I highly recommend you to try it.

After the late lunch, was the Souvenir and pasalubong shopping time:) I got a cute sleevless from Island Souvenir and some goodies from Hugod:) It was quite exhausting finding out cheap souvenirs but we did it and I personally enjoyed wandering around. I just noticed that there are more foreigners than Filipinos especially Koreans:) but this next photo is not a Korean but an American who’s one of those I mentioned “Nice” strangers. We had this photo while waiting for our Milk Tea to be served. Thanks man!

It was around 4 in the afternoon when we finished the souvenir hunting and since this was our last day, it could not happen without a groupie in the beach wearing our lovely dresses plus Ate jikay’s comfy OOTD:)

Then its time for us to say Goodbye for now Boracay. After the packing up sessions, one of the staff to where we stayed was so nice to assist us from Boracay Station 2 to Boracay port up to Caticlan port:)

He also suggested that we stay in Airport Line since its the nearest inn from Aklan Airport:) We arrived around 7:00pm and took our dinner at McDonald’s Aklan:)
Below is the room rate of Airport Line in case you’re planning a trip going to Aklan and Boracay:

DAY 4:
It’s the final count down!!!!!
Our flight was at 9:00AM so we made sure to arrive at 7:00AM in the airport:) and since we are all backpackers we did everything just by riding a tricycle:) from the inn to Mcdonald’s for the take out of food to the airport:) Thanks to the nice people we’ve met:)




Day 3 and 4 random thoughts:
So far I consider this as the most major trip I have ever experienced and I have always been overwhelmed when I get to visit new places, tastes new food and try new experiences. I guess all of us are like that:) I’m just truly thankful to my sisters in the office who made this bucketlist possible:) Never did I thought of visiting this tourist spot but its true that when you want to make things happen, you can do it esp. when you have supportive people around you. I would also like to thank my cousins Ate che, ate Jas and Pinky for giving me extra money for the expenses:) See how sweet they are:) such a supportive family I got:) Most of all, I thank God that we are able to experienced the beauty of His creations, in a not so expensive way and safely:) Felt so blessed as well that we’re able to have nice people along the way, the drivers the tour guides and all the crew for the assistance:)
Boracay was naturally beautiful. I love everything, the sand, the water, adventures, the nice people, the food and the adventures. But honestly, it’s already too commercialized. I know its part of the improvemens of the place. I don’t say this to mean negatively because to those people who have enough budget and love to have a city life in the beach or beachlife in the city, Boracay is the best spot for you:) I just wish the local government unit of Caticlan would be able to regularized the fast development of the place and preserved it:)

Day 3 expenses:
breakfast at Luna Rosa – 100 each (inclusive of the bench and umbrella)
Lunch at Golden Cowrie- 120 each
Pasalubong- 200 php each
Souvenier shirt: 150php
Share tea- 50 php
Tricycle from station 2 to boracay port – 20php each
Van to kalibo airport line inn- 100php each
Airport line room- 210php each
airport line inn to mcdo for dinner via tricycle – 10php each
dinner at mcdo kalibo – 80php each
mcdo kalibo back to airport line inn – 10 php each
Total: 1050 each

Day 4 expenses:
tricycle from airport line to mcdo for breakfast- 10 php each
breakfast at mcdo- 50php each
mcdo to airport kalibo- 10 php each
kalibo terminal fee-100php
Total: 170php each

Another Bucketlist has been crossed out! Thanks God🙏❤️

P.S.: check out my previous posts from Day 1-4 of our trip so you’ll have an idea about our expenses esp. if you have plans going to Boracay:) You can find it at the last part of each post. Enjoy!


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