Trip to Ilocos (DAY 2)

August 23, 2014

Our 2nd day at Ilocos Norte started at around 8:00 AM and first stop was the

Malacañang of the North also known as Malacañang ti Amianan of Paoay


It has been the official residence/rest house of the late President Ferdinand Marcos and his family whenever they are in Ilocos. It is considered as one of the important landmarks in the province. It was converted into a museum which is open to view by the public. A 2 storey mansion and is known to be an extension for the office of the president as well as venue to welcome local and foreign VIP.

10610711_10204108425738224_8570034331226616266_n Upon entering the house, you can somehow have a glimpse on the kind of lifestyle the Marcos family has. The classic Filipino type of interior design was well-preserved including some of Marcos family’s personal things. Also the set up of a home like ambiance was retained. My most favorite part of this house is the back portion where the veranda at the ground floor and the terrace in the second floor is located.

Opps, notice upon setting your foot on the second floor this wooden planks in the shape of the Philippine flag.


From the second floor, you can view the Paoay Lake locally known as Dacquel a Danum, an Ilocano word which means “big water.” Guess this view is a picture perfect spot:

More of our photos at the Malacañang of the North:

Next stop is the

Parola ng Cape Bojeador of Burgos


Located on a top of a hill named Vigia de Nagparitan in Burgos, is a lighthouse declared as a National landmark by the National Historical Institute last 2004 and as a National Cultural Treasure by National Museum last 2005. It was established during the Spanish Colonial period as part of Spaniards plan for lighting the coasts of the Philippines.


Overlooking the breath taking South China Sea, this lighthouse made of bricks and in octagonal shape is an icon in the province of Ilocos Norte specifically in the town of Burgos.

10653825_10204108494899953_3317281996653235387_n Aside from being accessible, this is one of the most visited landmarks because of its historic background. It was first lit in March 30, 1892 to guide merchant ships like Spanish Galleons as they pass by the rocky coastline of the town. Until today, this lighthouse is still active and is maintained and managed by the LGU and Philippine coast guard.

I think visiting treasures like these, is an achievement. I feel really blessed for this chance.

Check out more of our photos at Burgos Lighthouse:

On our way to the 3rd stop, I’ve been feeling this itchy feet, fast heartbeat, undeniable smile and to sum it up it was a mixed of emotions just the thought of going to

Wind Farm of Bangui


This was my most awaited spot for this trip! Towering Turbines with a height equivalent to a 23-story building and standing 326 meters apart from each other, (so how was that?) I was expecting that it would just look like a common electric post but nay, it was like a futuristic huge thingy. Haha!


As I walk along the pebbly shore, getting nearer and nearer to these windmills, I just can’t help but really felt blown away with the surreal scene.

IMG_3568 The panoramic beauty of the turbines plus the beach and the vast forest from afar can absolutely capture your attention. 10580155_10204709961770930_3135119109927053971_n

Considered the biggest wind turbines in Southeast Asia, the Bangui Windmills not only helped improve the tourism in Ilocos but it also powers 40% of the entire province through renewable source of energy. It’s a must see! What a priceless experience!

More photos at Bangui Windmills:

Tartaruga’s Hotel and Restaurant of Pagudpud

The gang we’re kinda late for lunch it was supposed to be at Papa Nard’s Foodhauz but when we arrived in their place, it was already closed. We don’t know if just for that time or if they already stopped their operation. It was around 1:30 PM already when we found Tartaruga’s Hotel and Restaurant and though it was an abrupt decision  to dine in their restaurant, guess our driver did a great job for this. They serve Filipino dishes and heavy snacks as well for an affordable price. Though it was quite hot because it was an open area the food was pretty good for our hungry tummy.

Agua Grande and Paraiso ni Anton of Pagudpod

We just enjoyed Agua Grande from a distance. I think there’s an entrance fee in their river park. However since it could just be seen from afar I mean from the place where we stopped, we didn’t thought of entering the place. By the way, Agua Grande is a a picnic park with a crystal clear and cold running water from the mountains to the sea.

Paraiso ni Anton is just relatively close to Agua Grande. It has a three mini waterfalls and a grotto of Mother Mary.  It serves as stop over for souvenir items and a cool down area especially to those individual who believes that the water that drips down to the hillside is miraculous water with healing powers despite of the declaration of DENR that its not potable for drinking.

We didn’t stay long enough to Agua Grande and Paraiso ni Anton. After taking a few shots to both, next stop is the

Patapat Bridge of Pagudpod


This bridge is said to be the fourth longest bridge in the Philippines. It is named Patapat  (an Ilocano term which means “belt”) because it connects the Maharlika Highway from Laoag, Ilocos Norte to Cagayan Valley Region. So how cool was that? Didn’t realize we’re that way up North J.

The old road located just at the mountain side which is quite not that obvious already as ferns and grass covers the area is where most accidents and landslide happen. So to somehow lessen and solve the problem of landslide, this viaduct was constructed under the Marcos Administration and was officially opened to traffic in October 1986. This concrete coastal bridge is elevated 31 meters over sea level and 1.3 km long.


It gives motorists a breathtaking view of Pasaleng Bay and its rocky shoreline facing the West Philippine Sea.

Trivia: As you pass by this bridge you can see this scrap metal floating just near the shoreline of the bay.


According to our van driver, It was a Korean cargo vessel Nam Yang 8 who encountered rough waves and wrecked in Pasaleng Bay near Patapat early of 2010. As time pass by, it was gone piece by piece.


Taking photos on the bridge was an adventure as trucks and all kinds of vehicles passed by. So we were like kids playing “patintero”. We’re thankful enough that Kuya Darwin was also game and very supportive especially with our jump shots.

1939927_10204710191776680_7931542814507173763_n The heat was on and it made us even more energetic and hyper that time. It was such a beautiful creation by God and the people of Ilocos.


Ze blogger selfie:)

More photos at Patapat Bridge:

Hannah’s Beach Resort

This spot is one those places in Ilocos I’d like to explore more because we just passed by here and was not able to take more photos. The place was really inviting just by passing along the road going to the beach, everything seemed exciting. Surely you will enjoy taking photos because they’ve got these popular landmarks inspired designs just around the area.

Also, we just passed by Kabigan Falls and proceeded to a particular Baranggay in Pagudpod where locals directly sell their homemade souvenirs. Thanks to Kuya Darwin that he brought us there because we paid lesser compared to the souvenirs sold in downtown area.

Pagudpod Landmark Stop over

1908073_10204710239417871_8382841451700951870_n (1)

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation of Burgos


This rock formation is located along the Bangui Bay. It is one of the wonders of Ilocos Norte and a pride because it is a work of art by  Mother nature itself molded through the combined forces of the ocean, wind and the waves. The rock formation is soft, white and and has a chalk-like texture hence the name “Puraw” an Ilocano term that means “white”.


Upon entering, you will pass by a portion where grass and plants are like cave. I think I would love to shoot for an MTV or prenup here. Haha.


You can choose whether you will go horseback riding or just walk to get closer to the rocks. I preferred to walk because aside from its free, I think I would enjoy more the details of this fascinating creation of God.


This time, it’s also less hassle for tourists to get closer to the rock formations because this trail was established for a better accessibility.

Before, people could get closer near the exact rock and take picture but it’s now prohibited for rehabilitation and to preserve the natural attraction. But there are still allowed area for tourists though not that close enough, but still the experience was priceless!

Aside from the rock formation, I was also fascinated with picture perfect view.

IMG_20140823_171117 copy

It was as if a painting of paradise and yes it’s a real paradise indeed. I love the ambiance most especially the blue waters facing the West Philippine Sea, and the waves splashing on the rocks. Then the locals and horses around completes the whole different world view. The whole place was truly refreshing.

I love that our Driver chooses this to be our last stop for the day, because we’re able to avoid the heat of Mr. Sun.

More photos as follow:

Windmills construction reaches this area. They called it Phase 3: ss1

It was around 6:30PM when we leave Kapurpurawan Rock Formation and still the sun is up. As we travel back to the City of Laoag we dropped by to a house along the street and bought some dragon fruit. Then reached the city of Laoag for dinner.


and as the sun sets, I am thinking of all the blessings God has given and provided. Truly thankful for the chance to travel:)


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