Note To Self


So this blog has been on hiatus for a while 😦 . Thank God I finally realize it while having snack today and that explains why I used that photo 🙂 . So today is just a typical day for me. I’ve been having a good rest since it’s a long kind of weekend for me. May 1 Friday was Labor Day while May 2 Saturday and today May 3 Sunday are my day off. Though I am having a good rest, I am kind of bitter since yesterday because I got the chance to see up close and personal the Hey Joe Show boys here in Davao but never got a chance to have a photo with them. Another things is, Manny Pacquiao lost against Floyd Mayweather. And Yes! I get affected by these things haha. Well I think every Filipino’s also felt the same way. However, that’s just one of the many random thoughts I have now. Enough for me to start what I really would like to write about.

This time, I’d like to talk about focus, consistency and quality. My struggles ever since. That could also explain why I was lost in blogging for a while. I felt like I have a lot of dreams, I want to do a lot of things, I want to share and spread life’s positivity through the skills and talents God has given me. Thus, I share good things in my social media accounts since it’s the only one I’ve got to be able to share it as fast as I can to a lot of people. The photos of food, events, beautiful nature and of course the people I am with are always worth sharing for me since it will somehow help others to be more creative, appreciative with little things around even the small details of food and most especially encourage them to create beautiful memories with their loved ones.

Aside from that, I also want to help, I want to be known in my own craft, I want to make a change, I want to learn hiphop, I want to upload a video in YouTube with me playing a guitar and singing, I want to be consistent in running, I want to be an athlete, I want to achieved my bucketlists, in short I’M A DREAMER. and I believe that we can achieve our dreams if we work hard, save up and believe in Him.

Sadly, I feel like I am not doing anything. The past months has been full of blessings. I thank God that He is blessing me so much that I felt like I almost got anything that I want. I thank Him really for everything. But it seems ironic that I feel like I have enough time that I needed yet I am just wasting it.

So this is why I wrote about this, because I can really feel that I am lost. The consistency and focus are not within me. It seems like I am doing things but the the results out of it are not at all worthy. I am trying to figure out why and how to overcome these and come up with the following realization:


“I sleep late and woke up late” – “Give yourself a rest”

“I eat a lot” – “Eat anything that you like but moderately”

“It seems difficult to decline to invitations” – “Sometimes, learn to say “No”

“I tend to be clumsy most of the time” – “Start doing things as early as possible, then while doing it try to relax”

“The park is just in a neighbouring block but it seems too far for a walk or a run” – “Make a schedule of your exercise or work out”

“It seems so easy to post and post more on Facebook and Instagram than on my blog” – “If you want to be a consistent blogger, try to write about what you want to blog about without being idealistic, it can be just short but sweet”

“I am loosing my confidence” – (I can’t make a statement to help this problem. HELP!)

“I am confuse and I’m thinking a lot of things” – “Try to list down everything or anything you want to do and take one step at a time”

I know I have reflect deeper on this confusion, I believe that the factors shared above are just my personal assessment but He will always have something out of this. I believe!

So that’s it! I hope these could be easy as 123. To anyone who’s also experiencing something like that or maybe in the  middle of any confusions, try to check your hobby or the way you deal with your basic tasks everyday. I realize that sometimes, it’s all in the lifestyle you have. I hope I have challenge myself with this post. Let’s be better and healthy.

Thanks for reading!


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