Davao Coffee Shop : BeanLeaf Davao | Grand Opening

1The first ever BeanLeaf branch in Davao City finally opened last August 15, 2015 at The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao. I thank BeanLeaf and Davao Bloggers Society for inviting me to witness their grand opening as I am a certified coffee, milk tea and fruit tea lover.

“Beanleaf Coffee and Tea, focuses on formulating variety of flavors to achieve delectable and distinct blend of drinks. Beanleaf was established to give convenience, relaxation and high quality products without the need to go to different beverage shops to have both coffee and milk tea simultaneously; It is a coffee shop and milk tea shop combined into one.”

.The event started with a flairtending performed by one of BeanLeaf Davao staff.


Also, Mr. BeanLeaf the mascot entertained us with his cute dance moves.


Followed by the blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony who was also attended by Councilor Louie John Bonguyan, Ms. Sweet of Gaisano Malls and of course the BeanLeaf Davao  Master Franchisee Jim Sawers and BeanLeaf  CEO Randy Salamat.


I was quite confused during that time what beverage I am gonna choose ‘coz I’d like to try something new but I also wanted to stick to my everyday drink, it’s coffee!


But I guess I made the right decision of choosing this Malunggay Fruit Tea!


It’s really delicious  and refreshing. I personally recommend this. To some who are not into malunggay or vege flavors, don’t worry as it tastes more of citrusy than the natural taste of a malunggay.

We’ve also tried their cake in a jar which are also a two thumbs up for me. Not bad for a 130php as it comes in a regular jar size.


I am so looking forward to visit BeanLeaf again with my family and friends and I think I will keep on coming back for that Malunggay fruit tea.

Davao Bloggers, Social Media influencers and Entrepreneurs with Ms. Ailea Orpiano, BeanLeaf Davao General Manager.


photo credits to Ms. Ria Jose.

For more details and update, especially to some of you who are interested to own a business, check out BeanLeaf’s website : www.beanleaf.ph . They are also open for franchise!

You may also Like BeanLeaf’s Davao Facebook page, here.

or follow them on instagram @beanleafdavao

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