Bucketlist #71 : Blue Green Hair Dye

Hi guys! let me first start this with the why before the how.

Well basically, it’s a part of my bucketlist. It’s what I wanted to try to. I choose blue-green simply because it’s my kind of shades (e.g. teal blue, turquoise, mint green and the like).  It was a major decision when I dye my hair considering that I’m a full-time corporate staff. Although it’s not stated in our company policy but I am well aware that it’s kind of informal. Thus, it took me months before finally deciding to cross this bucketlist . Also, I did a lot of research first on how and what brand to use since I am sure that when I am finally decided to go for it, I’ll be doing it at home. Yes! This is a DIY project! Included in my discernment was how to hide it in the office! Haha!

Pls. be informed that I am not a hair color expert or professional. This is purely just risk! I actually prepared myself having a short hair if in case the dye won’t end up good.

Products used :


> Monea Hair Bleach Powder & 9% Monea Oxidizer (for bleaching) – bought this at NCCC Mall Davao Cosmetics Dept.

> Green A+ FCVA Propaganda Marketing Direto & 9% Bremod Developer (1st coat) – bought this at DCLA Plaza Davao

> Atomic Turquoise Manic Panic N.Y.C. (2nd coat) – bought this online through Rainbow Head


Step 1 : Layering


Layered hair helps in having an illusion of length and volume by cutting the tips of the top layer shorter. Your hair color will also be emphasized when you got a layered hair. I know I have a bad hair. That’s why I decided to dye it in an ombre style so by the time I want to change my hair color, I can keep the roots and just cut the lower part which I think is really dry already.

Step 2 : Bleaching


Mix the Monea Hair Bleach Powder & 9% Monea Oxidize. Apply it to the lower section of your hair and wait until the desired lightness is achieved. Mine was for 45 minutes and I opted to bleach just the half of the length of my hair. Once done, wash your hair and let it to dry for the next step.

Step 3 : First coating


Mix the Green A+ FCVA Propaganda Marketing Direto & 9% Bremod Developer. When applying, do not include all the bleached part. In my case, I leave at least 2 inches of the bleached section in the center part to have a color transition effect.

The first coating lasted for just 15 minutes then I washed my hair and let it dry. Then voila! I got this green hair.

9 copy

The product I used has no reviews online (Green A+ FCVA Propaganda Marketing Direto) so if you can find other brand of green hair color, I suggest you better try others. This product has a very bad smell. That’s why it only lasted for 15 minutes because it was too hot when I tried to touch the mixture.  Seems it can burn your hair.

Step 4 : Second coating


This is highly recommended guys! Manic Panic N.Y.C. is an international renowned hair color. It makes your hair healthier, the smell is not strong and is really effective.

Put it to the lower part of your hair and wait until desired hair color is achieved. Mine was for 2 hours and below is the result.



I’m really happy with the result! I did this last August 2015 and up until now I am enjoying its fashion impact every night and rest days only.

During weekdays, I go to work in a formal hair bun plus hair net to cover the color. I don’t complain waking up early to blow dry my hair since this is what I want. I only remove the bun when I’m at home or after work but I make sure that I am not wearing my company uniform and ID.

Thanks everyone for reading!

PS :

I’m a super-duper fan of. Ms. Yeng Constantino Asuncion and did you know that after 3 days of dyeing my hair, she posted this on her instagram account and I was like, owww! Are we soul sisters? yeyy!

That thing called coincidence :



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