444 Word Story

Exactly four days to go, I will also be turning four in my job. It has been a four amazing years as a Recruitment Associate. When I look back, I see myself like a tabula rasa although I’m a Psychology graduate but our curriculum was more focused on the theories and not on Industrial Psychology mainly.

It was not easy at all. I think the most challenging part is not really the tasks given to you but more on how you can actually adapt to transitions from time to time. On my part, it’s quite difficult since I become easily attached to certain person or environment when I get to deal with it even for a short while. But so far, after four years I think I’m getting used to abrupt changes already. Ho was that?

Presently, I am already handling higher responsibilities and it comes with major decisions to make. The past four years happened also because of the people around me. They have been my source of strength all throughout these years and I am motivated every day because of them. I always tell my friends especially those who are looking for a job that we can always learn the work but for me the most important part in every job is to have a healthy relationship inside and outside of your office.

I remember how I feeling the time I was hired. I even posted a blog about it to better express how blessed I am to be given a job like this. You get to improve your interviewing skills and how you relate with different people in the business at the same time you also help people to have a better life by giving them job. Kindly click here if you like to read my blog post the time I started in the business.

So far, I feel fulfilled with my job and it’s also a big factor to consider. I am not saying that I have a perfect job I can only say that right now things are just balance. The salary I received compensates my life style, the main task is manageable plus I belong to an amazing team and of course our office is just accessible to wear I’m living. Thus, I always say that so far, things around are just balance and I am contented.

Lastly, I see myself staying for more long years in the company.  I thank everyone in the team especially to my supervisor for the guidance all these years. I am still looking forward to spending more fun learning memories with the Team Recruitment.

Happy Fourth year to me in the business!


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