First 10k Run


Last August 2014 I joined the NCCC HB1 Foam Funrun and it was my first time to register under 10K category. Unexpectedly, I finished it in 1hr and 27 mins.

Running is one of the free adventures life could offer but it’s always been good to run spending something that would benefit our friends from Operation Blessing Foundation. The #HB1FoamFunrun was great run for a cause.

My first 10k run was not easy but I guess the most fulfilling. The first half of 10k was about struggling and adjustment on my stamina and to the whole thing I was doing. The next 2k was about pushing my ego to finish the run. The next 1k was keeping my feet and legs going as the adrenaline rush started to worn out. The last 2k was about the overwhelming feeling and excitement on reaching the finish line, with my mouth ready for a big smile but still catching my breath then seeing your friends waiting and smiling as well. In all fairness it was superb and worth it.

Thank you Lord , running buddies and NCCC HB1 for lots of freebies we’ve got and most of all for the experience:)


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