Life in 2015

When 2015 started, I remember I randomly opened a book and the first thought I read says : “Some things happens to us that irrevocably change us in spite of anything we can do. Things are different after that point than they ever were before”. I actually forgot the book and the author but I came to realize how it describes my 2015 and couldn’t help but ask if it was  just a coincidence or I’m just really subjective this time:)
Looking back and like every new year, 2015 has been one big roller coaster ride for me. I got mistakes, procrastinate a lot, met new friends and maybe lost a relationship all of a sudden (well let me check it first). Also lost chances and worst became detached to some relationships or to people in the last quarter of the said year. It has been a complicated struggle between doing what I love to do versus the reality that it’s not only me should be involved versus the unresolved issues of being taken for granted feels versus understanding oneself versus keeping these unresolved issues versus all other “growing up” issues.

But despite all the struggle I know I’m so blessed with whatever I have and wherever I am right now. I have my family who has been very supportive with whatever I want to do even if sometimes I got little time to share with them. I also have clingy and crazy friends around me. After all, life is pretty wonderful.

2015 is over and I need to move on from the last chapter. Anyhow, let me just share these significant events of my 2015 which helped me appreciate life even more. Please let me know if we got common or opposite experiences (feel free to leave comments).


Awesome 2015 by Julie :

1) Survived Chicken pox
2) Ate in restaurants alone for more times
3) Tasted Cream Cheese Belgian Waffle for the first time
4) Became a movie watcher (self proclaimed). First year and hopefully not the last which I have watched a lot of movies (alone and with friends) and lot for me is about 10-15. Usually I just watched 2-4 movies in a year (how poor was that)
5) Made my own version of Tuna Carbonara
6) Received an email and video greetings from Laureen Uy
7) Sent letter during the Papal visit
8) Tried more restaurants with friends
10) Experienced an actual corruption during City Health Card ID renewal. Tried to correct the process but I failed.
11) Met Camille Co
12) Spent more time online and offline with college friends
13) Pretended to be a customer in a hotel so we can pee with my friends
14) Broken hearted when SAF44 died
15) Finally met John
16) Believed in the magic of love when Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion tied the knot
17) Joined more Davao Bloggers Events
18) Attended the Holy Mass for the start of Holy season of lent preceded by Archbishop Romulo Valles
19) Tasted Turkey for the first time
20) Controlled facebook status’ privacy (epic failure)
21) Joined fun runs : Red Cross 5k Run for Humanity, 5k Superheroes Fun Run, 10k ColorManila Run, 5k HB1 Neon Night Run, 5k Mc Happy Day Stripes Run
22) Met Bianca Gonzales
23) Met  Kyle Jennermann a.k.a. Kulas of Becoming Filipino
24) Changed my Blog title from Solitude to Just Like Julie
25) Saw Hey Joe Show boys in person
26) Tried making brownies by my own
27) Tried White house and Fusion Cuisine 
28) Became a godmother
29) Revisited Poor Clare Monastery
30) First time to roam around Tandag City
31) Visited Tarlac
32) Visited Clark  Freeport Zone

31) Visited Tarlac
32) Visited Clark  Freeport Zone

33) Colored my hair

34) Had a Bluegreen ombre hair

35) Met Yeng Constantino  again

36) Organized a bridal shower

37) Met my President Rody “Digong” Duterte
38) Lost my iphone in a mall but a good samaritan  gave it back 
39) Celebrated my 24th birthday

40) Got a mirror less camera

41) Had my first blog give away

42) Celebrated Christmas 2015 with my one big happy family

I believe that every situation either we learn or thought that we didn’t earn something is always a time to reflect and grow. And as we grow, lessons are learned the hard way but I think it is important that we always have a support group in the steps we take. Whatever we have in our hearts, even if we can’t exactly point out what we really wanted to mean to others, once we share our thoughts or open up, we don’t actually realize sometimes that problems become lighter.

I am looking forward for a meaningful 2016. I hope you too as well. Let go of the  things, a situation, including a hobby perhaps or even relation ships or people who doesn’t help you,  because at the end of the day it is better to not talk about people behind their back and another learning from 2015, it is always important to know your worth.

#Bring ItOn2016


4 thoughts on “Life in 2015

  1. “Some things happens to us that irrevocably change us in spite of anything we can do. Things are different after that point than they ever were before”. – Don Piper, Heaven is Real. You are welcome.


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