Party of One : Why Dining Alone Helps


Eating alone could mean to others as lonely or probably makes the person doing it as an outcast. Well honestly it’s quite awkward at first…

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but doing it once in a while actually helps. It’s okay to feel conscious with what people around you might say (like what I feel everytime I’m doing it). I think it’s that part which makes you stronger in a sense that you try to keep yourself assured and eventually you’ll feel that security that you need for yourself.

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I usually do this during my off from work. It just really gives me that solitude that I need. For others who are health conscious, it also keep you aware and focus with your food and eating habbit. Well, am I? haha

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Sometimes I also thought of this moment to be better rather than being with people. I mean “wrong people” then ending up the day talking behind their back. 😦

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Another thing that I enjoyed while doing it is the silence that it brought to me. There’s peace within and its keeping the food more delicous. It’s not that I have bad relationship with people around me, I actually got big group of friends it’s just that I feel recharged eating alone once in a while.

12242362_10205355523627155_1283914867_n (1)

Ironically, being alone makes me more aware of the people and things around me. Thus, it also helped me understand them.

Ofcourse, I look forward that someday somebody will be occupying that vacant chair in front of me. I’ll probably tell him about this post but for now I am enjoying doing it alone. I’m stronger and happier as well.

Have you tried eating alone? Feel free to leave comments.


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