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You know what, I have never ever finished reading a book yet and it’s one of the easiest items in my bucket list but has remained unchecked for years and it’s totally bad I think.

There were days when I attempted to read short novels with the help of my friends who are also trying to find the right book for me but unfortunately nothing has worked yet. One possible reason is I easily get bored with single stimuli activities most especially in reading 1 long story.

However, my interest in reading has improved with online articles. I tend to finish reading blog posts or electronic book faster. Probably because of convenience and when one idea is tackled in a specific post/article I observe that it  worked for me better.

Thus, here are the blog sites and authors whom I find interesting and inspiring. They are the kind of writings where I find myself in my bed reading it up until late in the evening or during my off from work.

Break My Style

A fashion blog owned by model/ stylist/ celebrity/ blogger Ms. Laureen Uy. This is where I learn more about fashion styles as well as places to travel. I like how she kept her writings casual a nd light. I also love her shots and get inspired by it also.

Bucket list Publications

A travel blog by Lesley Carter about her bucket list. She is the reason why I also had my own version of bucket list. I so envy her adventures and I would really like to meet her someday.

Misslitratista by Chamee Pecson

A lifestyle/personal blog by a co Davao Blogger. I find her personal blog posts very positive. I appreciate her learnings and advises. Also I always love to read personal experiences because I like relating it to my self and I find it with Ms. Chamee’s approach in her writings.

Lola’s Girl by Jozen

It’s a blog about parenting, crafts, food but most of all it’s about a one small happy family. I like her photos and their family activities.

Life Inc. by John

The first blog I got addicted reading Haha. It’s a personal blog of a hopeless romantic man haha and this was my inspiration in making my own blog site. This will always be part of my sharing every time I’m ask about my experience in blogging.

I still continue reading these sites and I hope I can find a book which I can finish reading like the way I like with the said blogs. Thank you idols!


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