Online Shopping : Where To Buy Foot Wears


Online shopping is my new thing! I started to love it since last year and aside from convenience, I like how I find a wide range of selection when shopping online. I get to have more options of designs, colors and of course I get to know more brands both local and international.

One of the stuff I buy online are foot wears. Since summer is fast approaching here in Philippines, I plan to buy sandals next month not just intended for the season but also for my upcoming travel.

When choosing foot wears, I prefer flat shoes and sandals for my daily use. I am after with being comfortable rather than wearing those physically appealing shoes/sandal yet feeling unhappy with the length of heels or maybe the fit. I am also an on the go kind of person. I’m a great commuter as well thus wearing flats is a win!

This time I’m still on the process of choosing which to buy and I’ve been browsing ZALORA Ph because they have a lot of designs which are really affordable. Yay! I’m excited to have one.

Are you also planning to buy one like me? For comfortable sandals, you can check out ZALORA Philippines.

Enjoy shopping guys!


credits here for the photo used in this post


3 thoughts on “Online Shopping : Where To Buy Foot Wears

  1. Finding comfy shoes is a challenge. Flats or three inch any things… I’ve had so many flats that just hurt! If I could find a cute comfortable pair, I’d be happy! I’ve been into booties. Luckily I’ve found a couple that are super comfy. I like to wear taller shoes because my guy is a foot taller than me! Great post. Have a happy weekend. Koko:)

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