Davao City’s Middle Eastern Cuisine: Café Rihanna


Another addition to Davao City’s Arab Mediterranean concept café has just opened last February 29, 2016. Located at Don Dionisio Commercial Complex Cabaguio Avenue Davao City, Café Rihanna offers authentic Middle Eastern food to satisfy your spiced dish cravings.


Taking pride of using ingredients all the way from Saudi Arabia, you will also love their menu as some of it are first in Davao City.

Check out the following for their available dishes and drinks.

APPETIZER- Samosa (Beef/Chicken); Turn-Over (Beef/Chicken); Hummus; Paratha; Khubz

SOUP- Molokhia Beef Soup

SALAD (Salatat)- Greek Salad

MAIN COURSES- Biryani Wadiy’s Style; Biryani Saudi’s Style; Kabsa Wadiy’s Style; Kabsa Saudi’s Style; Mandi

DRINKS (Shorbat)- Laban Plain; Laban Salty

Teh Tarik (Milk Tea)- Plain/ Strawberry Macadamia Nut/ Green Apple Pomegranate

Qahwa (Coffee)– Brown Qahwa; Qahwa Traditional Prep (Arabica)

Soda and Juice Pineapple Juice; Mango Juice; Coke Regular; Coke Zero; Sprite Regular; Pomegranate Juice; Fresh Lemon and Green Apple; Fruit Shake; Apple/Mango; Banana/Avocado

DESSERT- Baklava; Pudding; Basbousa; Zabadiy

Ice Cream– French Vanilla and Cream Cheese; Peanut Butter  and Caramel

And here’s some of the food and drinks I tried together with other Davao Bloggers during their food tasting event four days before grand opening.


Kabsa Saudi’s Style


Biryani Saudi’s Style


Raita yogurt paired on Biryani Saudi’s style


Laban Plain



More photos during the food tasting event :

Cafe Rihanna is open from 10am to 10pm. You may contact them for reservations at 09173096008 and like their official Facebook page here for updates .


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