Howdy! I am Julie. I am the author of this blog. Presently, I live here in Davao City, Philippines but I came from Surigao del Sur, Philippines. I am a proud Psychology major graduate and now a full-time Recruitment Specialist.

At first, this blog is more on personal experiences I have had. Previously, this was entitled “SOLITUDE”. An expression of how my life was ever since and even until now but I  didn’t mean I have bad relationships  with people. In fact I have different big group of friends. It’s just that basically my family taught me well how self-discipline in whatever I do should be applied. If you started doing it, you should be responsible  with it and most importantly, you should finish it. You need to be involved once you decide to start doing it. Also, there are a lot of times when the art of being alone has so much impact on discovering more of  your self. I can eat alone in a restaurant, I do watch movies alone and I am planning to travel alone. Others may say it’s being selfish but I’d rather spent time with my self alone than being with wrong people and ended up talking behind their back. Solitude is more of independence, freedom and focusing on what you have to be better. I still talk about it even if that’s not the title of this blog anymore since it’s still me until now.  Sincerely, this isn’t about bitterness but I am just proud to say that you are free to choose between things, you can do it and you can enjoy. Don’t wait for that time where you can’t do it anymore. Make things happen!

But now, why “JUST LIKE JULIE” ?

Yes I did change the title just when 2015 started. This I think is going to be more about me the different way. I started to realize changing my blog title when I became an official member of Davao Blogger’s Society. I realize that there’s a lot more in life. Ya! I’m a proud member of DBS (though I  know I’m not that legit yet). I mean, I still have a lot to learn in blogging not just on how to write good blog posts or its technicalities but I am challenged most on how to be consistent in publishing posts from time to time. Sustain me please! lol

JUST LIKE JULIE is more of a Lifestyle blog. Somehow it’s still implies that solitary part of me but I’d be sharing to you not just my personal experiences like my travels, food trips and fashion but also events and latest news happening specifically here in Davao City and Mindanao.

JUST LIKE JULIE which for me means, “a projection of one’s self”.

So whatever you see and read here, you are free to project your self. Also, that title may mean, JUST LIKE JULIE either YOU LIKE or BE LIKE me.


For comments, suggestions, sponsorship or collaborations, you may contact me via email escudero_julieann@yahoo.com.ph or simply leave a comment to any of my posts.


Cheers to Life’s positivity! Thanks for the visit!


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