Why Choose Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil

Celebrity Chef Donita Rose kicks off the first leg of her Regional Festival Tour here in Davao City during Kadayawan Festival 2016 by sharing her satisfying recipes and cooking techniques using Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil.

“Our culture is practically centered on food which brings families closer, so we should also be aware of how we prepare the food and what ingredients we use the dishes that we serve,” said Donita.


She encourages Davaoenos to prepare delicious dishes using their harvest making it healthy with the use of Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil which contains the lowest amount of saturated fats but packs in the good kind like omega 3 and 6 that are good for the heart. It also contains Vitamin A and has a pale golden color, light texture and neutral taste that makes it good for all kinds of cooking. And what I personally like about this product is it has one of the highest smoking point which makes it perfect for frying or sautéing (my fave way of cooking).

After here in Davao City, Donita is going to Naga for the Penafrancia Festival to continue her nationwide festival tour. For more information on Chef Donita’s Festival Tour with Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil, check out their official facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/JollyHeartMateCanolaOil.

Happy Cooking!


Where to Eat in Davao : Batu Cafe


Food lovers alert! There’s this Batu Cafe, the perfect place to be along Loyola Street Obrero, Davao City. It is located specifically at the Ground floor of Las Casitas Inn 2. They are open every Monday to Sunday from 6:00am to 12:00am and serves snacks and all day meals.

So how did I learn about this place? Well, big thanks to my Davao Bloggers Family and to the owners of Batu Cafe for the invite. We had our food tasting event last March 5, 2016 and I would say it was one of those Superb event I have attended so far. Surely my co bloggers felt the generosity of the owners.

Before I talk about the food, I’d like to share my impression with the place and it’s ambiance.

So far, it is one of those artsy cafe here in Davao which I can really say as #Achieved (OTWOL fan here haha!) I mean it shows like a DIY decoration of bohemian feels but the choice of colors and designs are really perfect for me. I even said to my co blogger that it’s as if I am somewhere outside Davao and I can just imagine a beach outside then it would be perfect. But even without that imaginary beach of mine, the ambiance is really a win for me.


Now let’s talk about the food. Their breads are all freshly home-made and their desserts and pastries are made by Margies Bakeshop- a home-grown bakeshop in Butuan, Agusan del Norte. They also serve home-made ice creams, pastas, rice meal and many others. They actually have a wide selection of international comfort food at a very reasonable prices. Their servings big (good for 2-3) and will surely satisfy you.

Wondering what I have tried during the food tasting event? Check out the following.


Korean Pork Spareribs & Chagio : Crispy Vietnamese spring rolls with pork and vermicelli , served with nuoc cham sauce


Pandan Chicken with Thai Bagoong Fried Rice : Pandan wrapped fried chicken served with shrimp paste fried race with 7 kinds of sidings


Vietnamese Chicken and Basil Fried Rice : spicy, saucy sauteed chicken in lemon grass and Asian spices, served with basil fried rice


Adobo Flakes Rice: crunchy chicken and pork adobo flakes with Green Mango and scrambled eggs on a bowl of rice.


Indian Chicken Curry with Samosa : nutty curried chicken with assorted spices served with 2pcs samosas and mango chutney


Fat Choi : Chinese style sauteed pork tenderloin with 2 pcs. pork and shrimp siomai and salted fish fried rice


Crispy Tadyang


Bulalo Steak


Hungarian Chili Dog with Parmesan Fries : open faced sandwich of hungarian sausage, chili con carne and cheese using homemade freshly baked bun


Basil Malunggay Pesto Fettucine with Grilled Rosemary Chicken : paired with 1pc. homemade garlic french bread


Aligue Pasta : cooked with aligue (crab fat) and topped with shrimps with 1pc homemade garlic french bread


Three Cheese Lasagna : made using homemade lasagna pasta


Ham and Cheese French Toast : ham and cheddar sandwiched in thick slices of freshly baked homemade tasty bread, dipped in batter and pan grilled. Drizzled with Maple syrup. Served with orange marmalade butter.




Cookie Monster (Choco Moist) Cake


Yema Cake


Brownie Ala Mode : warm brownie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and crispy brownie thins


Chocolate fudge homemade ice cream


Choco mint homemade ice cream

Must try for me are Ham and Cheese French Toast, Aligue Pasta, Indian Chicken Curry, Korean Pork Spareribs with Chagio and Yema Cake. But there’s still a lot more dish available which we haven’t tried.  And I think they are all delicious and worth it.

More photos :

Overall, I will give Batu Cafe a 4.9 out 5 stars. They are an all in one place because of the variety of food you can choose. This will be added in my must try place to eat and hangout in the city (been sharing this as well to my officemates and they are excited to dine here). I hope to bring my family here soon. Burp!

How to get there?


Like Batu Cafe on Facebook for updates. click here.

Davao City’s Middle Eastern Cuisine: Café Rihanna


Another addition to Davao City’s Arab Mediterranean concept café has just opened last February 29, 2016. Located at Don Dionisio Commercial Complex Cabaguio Avenue Davao City, Café Rihanna offers authentic Middle Eastern food to satisfy your spiced dish cravings.


Taking pride of using ingredients all the way from Saudi Arabia, you will also love their menu as some of it are first in Davao City.

Check out the following for their available dishes and drinks.

APPETIZER- Samosa (Beef/Chicken); Turn-Over (Beef/Chicken); Hummus; Paratha; Khubz

SOUP- Molokhia Beef Soup

SALAD (Salatat)- Greek Salad

MAIN COURSES- Biryani Wadiy’s Style; Biryani Saudi’s Style; Kabsa Wadiy’s Style; Kabsa Saudi’s Style; Mandi

DRINKS (Shorbat)- Laban Plain; Laban Salty

Teh Tarik (Milk Tea)- Plain/ Strawberry Macadamia Nut/ Green Apple Pomegranate

Qahwa (Coffee)– Brown Qahwa; Qahwa Traditional Prep (Arabica)

Soda and Juice Pineapple Juice; Mango Juice; Coke Regular; Coke Zero; Sprite Regular; Pomegranate Juice; Fresh Lemon and Green Apple; Fruit Shake; Apple/Mango; Banana/Avocado

DESSERT- Baklava; Pudding; Basbousa; Zabadiy

Ice Cream– French Vanilla and Cream Cheese; Peanut Butter  and Caramel

And here’s some of the food and drinks I tried together with other Davao Bloggers during their food tasting event four days before grand opening.


Kabsa Saudi’s Style


Biryani Saudi’s Style


Raita yogurt paired on Biryani Saudi’s style


Laban Plain



More photos during the food tasting event :

Cafe Rihanna is open from 10am to 10pm. You may contact them for reservations at 09173096008 and like their official Facebook page here for updates .

Davao Dim sum Restaurant : Heng Kee Dimsum


Welcoming the year of the fire monkey with this good news to all dim sum food lovers! Heng Kee Dimsum, the newest dim sum restaurant in Davao City opened last February 8, 2016.


They offer affordable Rice topping meals which ranges from 60php – 90php only, of course dim sum and dumplings specialty which ranges from 55php – 135php and other add ons like buns and soup to complete your dim sum meal feels.

Lucky me to be one of the firsts to taste some of Heng Kee Dimsum’s specialties during their opening together with some of Davao Bloggers.

Check it out :


Pork Steamed Rice – 60php


Chef’s Dumplings – 55php


Xiao Long Bao – 90php


Hakao – 90php


Chicken Siomai – 55php


Chicken Feet – 70php


Spicy Fried Dumpling – 65php


Beef Siomai – 55php


Taosi Spare Ribs – 70php


Japanese Siomai – 55php


Chocolate/ Mongo Buchi – 70php; Pork & Shrimp Siomai – 55php; Shanghai Roll- 55php

Want to try these specialties fresh at home? They also offer frozen dimsum!


Trivia : Are you familiar with Caitlyn’s Dimsum house? Yes! they are just one with Heng Kee Dimsum. The  good news is Heng Kee Dimsum is open for franchise.

More photos during their opening :


Davao Bloggers with the Gen. Manager of Heng Kee Dimsum Sir Alexander “Ikloy” Buyco

Must try for me is their Spicy Fried Dumpling and Chocolate Buchi. Definitely coming back! Thank you Heng Kee Dimsum and Davao Bloggers Society!

Location : Asian Food Court Gaisano Mall Davao City

Facebook Page : Heng Kee Dimsum Restaurant

Greenwich Newest Barkada Craze : Cheesy Steak and Fries Overload


The country’s favorite barkada pizza and pasta brand offers a limited edition pizza, the Cheesy Steak and Fries Overload. The steak melts in your mouth with its oozing three types of cheeses namely mozzarella, cream cheese and cheddar cheese topped with crunchy potato strings. This is definitely must try and best   shared with friends and loved ones.

For only 109php, you can already avail this product and surely discover a new barkada experience.

Hurry and try it at any Greenwich stores nearest you. This is up until December 2015 only.

Greenwich also has its new addition to their menu.


The very cheesy macaroni. Macaroni noodles in a sauce made of delicious cheeses, mixed with bacon and topped with pepperoni bits. Plus a pizza’s perfect partner, the wacky wings.

Me and my Davao Blogger friends sharing a positively overloaded experience.

12270345_1089321767745763_1985121897_n (1)

For more info  check out  Greenwich official WebsiteFacebook, Instagram and Twitter 


Davao Coffee Shop : BeanLeaf Davao | Grand Opening

1The first ever BeanLeaf branch in Davao City finally opened last August 15, 2015 at The Peak Gaisano Mall of Davao. I thank BeanLeaf and Davao Bloggers Society for inviting me to witness their grand opening as I am a certified coffee, milk tea and fruit tea lover.

“Beanleaf Coffee and Tea, focuses on formulating variety of flavors to achieve delectable and distinct blend of drinks. Beanleaf was established to give convenience, relaxation and high quality products without the need to go to different beverage shops to have both coffee and milk tea simultaneously; It is a coffee shop and milk tea shop combined into one.”

.The event started with a flairtending performed by one of BeanLeaf Davao staff.


Also, Mr. BeanLeaf the mascot entertained us with his cute dance moves.


Followed by the blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony who was also attended by Councilor Louie John Bonguyan, Ms. Sweet of Gaisano Malls and of course the BeanLeaf Davao  Master Franchisee Jim Sawers and BeanLeaf  CEO Randy Salamat.


I was quite confused during that time what beverage I am gonna choose ‘coz I’d like to try something new but I also wanted to stick to my everyday drink, it’s coffee!


But I guess I made the right decision of choosing this Malunggay Fruit Tea!


It’s really delicious  and refreshing. I personally recommend this. To some who are not into malunggay or vege flavors, don’t worry as it tastes more of citrusy than the natural taste of a malunggay.

We’ve also tried their cake in a jar which are also a two thumbs up for me. Not bad for a 130php as it comes in a regular jar size.


I am so looking forward to visit BeanLeaf again with my family and friends and I think I will keep on coming back for that Malunggay fruit tea.

Davao Bloggers, Social Media influencers and Entrepreneurs with Ms. Ailea Orpiano, BeanLeaf Davao General Manager.


photo credits to Ms. Ria Jose.

For more details and update, especially to some of you who are interested to own a business, check out BeanLeaf’s website : www.beanleaf.ph . They are also open for franchise!

You may also Like BeanLeaf’s Davao Facebook page, here.

or follow them on instagram @beanleafdavao

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Davao Coffee Shop: JavaJive’s 2nd Branch


A trademarked registered 24/7 operational , home inspired, Filipino-themed music café where one can drink local coffee, tea and soda  blends; eat  Davao-produced  sweet  and savory dishes; and on special days, listen to the best of Davao music talents. That’s JavaJive! One of the homegrown businesses in Davao City.


They just opened their second branch recently at Stall  A-1, Wheels N More Compound, JP  Laurel Avenue, Davao City (old Space Burger). This is a great news for coffee and music lovers who are from the North but not bad for Davaoeños  from the South since the place is pretty accessible.

Davao Bloggers with Engr. Jairus

Davao Bloggers with Engr. Jairus

Last November 30, 2014, I was one of the Davao Bloggers Society members who attended the Java Jive Blogger’s Night. Engr. Jairus, the General Manager welcomed us and discussed what this new branch could best offer to Davaoeños.

Compared to their mother branch located at Quirino Avenue, Davao City, I am more comfortable to dine and have coffee here because I am used to that so called “me time mode”. They have more tables good for 1-3 persons, a perfect spot to study or for some relaxation. They also have their Al Fresco area, to cater more customers or for others who would like to enjoy fresh air while having coffee and other beverages.

Of course we were able to try some of their savory dishes, desserts and beverages.

Tuna Salad  on Ciabatta


a hefty mix of tuna in brine, organic mayonnaise, mixed herbs and chopped shallots, sliced cucumber and green lettuce served on a white Ciabatta bread .

Chicken  Pesto on Focaccia


This one is my favorite! A mix of shredded chicken white meat, onions and a home-made pesto sauce (fresh basil, mixed nuts and almonds, olive oil and herbs), sliced cucumber, and green lettuce served on a herbed focaccia bread.

Henri’s Bowl


named after a Frenchman who shared this authentic french recipe to JavaJive, “Seafood Marinara” a pasta dish made with penne and bolognese sauce (whole tomato, herbs and seafood-beef stock), topped with freshly sauteed sliced seafoods (malasugue, shrimps, octopus and/or clams)

The Belgian  Chocolate Mousse


 a classic 75% dark chocolate mousse topped with a hand-crafted chocolate tuile

Les Opera Moist Cake


  a signature chocolate cake (base of The JavaJive’s Choco Lava Ala Mode) topped with an italian chocolate ganache and pinned with edible gold.

Banana Crunch


a JavaJive best seller cupcake made with ripened bananas and white cake base, topped with crunchy biscuit bits.

Salted Caramel Milk Tea with  Salt and Cheese


JavaJive Bajada’s Newest Best-seller: a Jazz-blend of authentic Taiwan black tea hand-shaken with Salted Caramel Sauce, topped with a salt & cheese concoction mixture.

The Chocolate  Chip Peppermint Twist

(which I forgot to take a photo; but I’ll update this asap; still have to order it)

JavaJive’s Christmas Holiday Drink: a Jazz-blend of our signature Chocolate Chip Serenade and Peppermint Syrup. A whole cool and fresh way to enjoy Christmas!


For someone like me who’s not that fan of chocolates, you will still enjoy their desserts because its not too sweet.

You may check the following photos for their menu:

While enjoying the food, the experience was completed by the performances of Davao music Talents.

The Negative Four


This guyz are really amazing. I ‘m in love with their  music. Catch them live every Friday night at Quirino branch! I guess they’re incomplete that night.

The Echoistic Band


This young singers as well are very promising. They sing OPM songs with a taste of modern acoustic genre.

Aside from them, customers who are willing to jam and sing with them are also welcome during Jammer’s time and this is another thing I applause JavaJive, they really support and hone Davaoeños talent. It will also make you feel at home because they interact with the customers.

I just so love that I found this place. No need to go to noisy parties to enjoy music. It’s a perfect place for me to stay maybe once in while specially if stressed out from work.

 Make sure to visit this new branch of JavaJive in the City.

Like and follow them at their social media sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thejavajive

Twitter and Instagram: @thejavajive

you can contact them at (082) 295 9922 or visit their official website : http://www.javajive.ph

P.S. :

– JavaJive is also Halal Certified

– After that Blogger’s night I visited the place for 3 times already. First I invited my workmates but unfortunately there was no band performers that time but we still enjoy our food and coffee. So we went again the other day and BOOM! They were captured by their experience, so they wanna come again. The next time I visited with my college friends for my post birthday celebration and ended up table hopping because unexpectedly my workmates also came for another Java Jive experience. We even called our group that night as #TeamThinkingOutLOud . Thinking Out Loud – one of our favorite songs by Ed Sheeran which we requested and the Negative Four band nailed it.

See you again after the Holidays! Guess I’ll keep on coming back!