Where to Eat in Davao : Batu Cafe


Food lovers alert! There’s this Batu Cafe, the perfect place to be along Loyola Street Obrero, Davao City. It is located specifically at the Ground floor of Las Casitas Inn 2. They are open every Monday to Sunday from 6:00am to 12:00am and serves snacks and all day meals.

So how did I learn about this place? Well, big thanks to my Davao Bloggers Family and to the owners of Batu Cafe for the invite. We had our food tasting event last March 5, 2016 and I would say it was one of those Superb event I have attended so far. Surely my co bloggers felt the generosity of the owners.

Before I talk about the food, I’d like to share my impression with the place and it’s ambiance.

So far, it is one of those artsy cafe here in Davao which I can really say as #Achieved (OTWOL fan here haha!) I mean it shows like a DIY decoration of bohemian feels but the choice of colors and designs are really perfect for me. I even said to my co blogger that it’s as if I am somewhere outside Davao and I can just imagine a beach outside then it would be perfect. But even without that imaginary beach of mine, the ambiance is really a win for me.


Now let’s talk about the food. Their breads are all freshly home-made and their desserts and pastries are made by Margies Bakeshop- a home-grown bakeshop in Butuan, Agusan del Norte. They also serve home-made ice creams, pastas, rice meal and many others. They actually have a wide selection of international comfort food at a very reasonable prices. Their servings big (good for 2-3) and will surely satisfy you.

Wondering what I have tried during the food tasting event? Check out the following.


Korean Pork Spareribs & Chagio : Crispy Vietnamese spring rolls with pork and vermicelli , served with nuoc cham sauce


Pandan Chicken with Thai Bagoong Fried Rice : Pandan wrapped fried chicken served with shrimp paste fried race with 7 kinds of sidings


Vietnamese Chicken and Basil Fried Rice : spicy, saucy sauteed chicken in lemon grass and Asian spices, served with basil fried rice


Adobo Flakes Rice: crunchy chicken and pork adobo flakes with Green Mango and scrambled eggs on a bowl of rice.


Indian Chicken Curry with Samosa : nutty curried chicken with assorted spices served with 2pcs samosas and mango chutney


Fat Choi : Chinese style sauteed pork tenderloin with 2 pcs. pork and shrimp siomai and salted fish fried rice


Crispy Tadyang


Bulalo Steak


Hungarian Chili Dog with Parmesan Fries : open faced sandwich of hungarian sausage, chili con carne and cheese using homemade freshly baked bun


Basil Malunggay Pesto Fettucine with Grilled Rosemary Chicken : paired with 1pc. homemade garlic french bread


Aligue Pasta : cooked with aligue (crab fat) and topped with shrimps with 1pc homemade garlic french bread


Three Cheese Lasagna : made using homemade lasagna pasta


Ham and Cheese French Toast : ham and cheddar sandwiched in thick slices of freshly baked homemade tasty bread, dipped in batter and pan grilled. Drizzled with Maple syrup. Served with orange marmalade butter.




Cookie Monster (Choco Moist) Cake


Yema Cake


Brownie Ala Mode : warm brownie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and crispy brownie thins


Chocolate fudge homemade ice cream


Choco mint homemade ice cream

Must try for me are Ham and Cheese French Toast, Aligue Pasta, Indian Chicken Curry, Korean Pork Spareribs with Chagio and Yema Cake. But there’s still a lot more dish available which we haven’t tried.  And I think they are all delicious and worth it.

More photos :

Overall, I will give Batu Cafe a 4.9 out 5 stars. They are an all in one place because of the variety of food you can choose. This will be added in my must try place to eat and hangout in the city (been sharing this as well to my officemates and they are excited to dine here). I hope to bring my family here soon. Burp!

How to get there?


Like Batu Cafe on Facebook for updates. click here.


Street Art in Davao City by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®

Have you read my previous post about the The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®’s Brew Your Best Year: Street Art Series?

The second leg of the series was conducted by the street artists here in Davao City last February 27, 2016. It is the first public mural created by the CBTL customers in Davao City which can now be seen in what is called the “creative and entertainment hub of Davao”, Matina Town Square.


CBTL Street Art series Davao leg

The event started with a brief background about Street Art its history and legalities. Also speakers featured known personalities and their works in the field of street art. So I started to get curious to Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader and more.



Franco one of the local street artists in Davao City and an expert in using wheat paste as his main medium talking about the History of Street Art.


Ghamar Kanda sharing about the legalities of Street Art. He is popular of his works in spray cans and industrial paints.


Troy Bascon showing more artworks and different type of street arts. He is known for his iconic style of using cans and intricate grafitti letters.


Kim Vale discussed how to incorporate stencils in street art. He is a graduate of fine arts with a background on painting.

There were different art enthusiast from Davao who joined the event. Some were into calligraphy, stencil arts, sketching, painting but obviously most of them shares the same passion and interest in Art.




There were also bloggers and others who were first timers like me since I’m into oil pastels back then and have never tried street art yet . I got the chance to express something I had in my mind that time but I wouldn’t credit it as an achievement to crossed my Bucketlist which is to create a Graffiti on a wall because I know I need to do better than what I made during the event and like what I said I  just made “something” and the bucketlist I have in my mind aims “a complete wall” (is their an incomplete wall btw, sorry!). I mean  not just one little side of a wall. Hahaha! Boo! Nonetheless, I enjoyed the experience especially the struggle and laughter I shared with my group mates who were also first timers.


Lou, Sarah, Me and our Masterpiece (insert Sir Michael)

Check out more art works of Davao artists :







I appreciate how industries nowadays gave value to their corporate social responsibilities. So far, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is one of those businesses I know who has been actively conducting activities like this which benefits the people and more than that I also like their workshops because it’s for free. Indeed CBTL have taken upon itself the mission to spread joy in all forms and one of it is by encouraging the people to brew their best years by becoming the best version of themselves.

Looking forward to another activity with CBTL.

More photos of the event :

Want to share your story on becoming the best version of your self? Submit it here.

Davao City’s Middle Eastern Cuisine: Café Rihanna


Another addition to Davao City’s Arab Mediterranean concept café has just opened last February 29, 2016. Located at Don Dionisio Commercial Complex Cabaguio Avenue Davao City, Café Rihanna offers authentic Middle Eastern food to satisfy your spiced dish cravings.


Taking pride of using ingredients all the way from Saudi Arabia, you will also love their menu as some of it are first in Davao City.

Check out the following for their available dishes and drinks.

APPETIZER- Samosa (Beef/Chicken); Turn-Over (Beef/Chicken); Hummus; Paratha; Khubz

SOUP- Molokhia Beef Soup

SALAD (Salatat)- Greek Salad

MAIN COURSES- Biryani Wadiy’s Style; Biryani Saudi’s Style; Kabsa Wadiy’s Style; Kabsa Saudi’s Style; Mandi

DRINKS (Shorbat)- Laban Plain; Laban Salty

Teh Tarik (Milk Tea)- Plain/ Strawberry Macadamia Nut/ Green Apple Pomegranate

Qahwa (Coffee)– Brown Qahwa; Qahwa Traditional Prep (Arabica)

Soda and Juice Pineapple Juice; Mango Juice; Coke Regular; Coke Zero; Sprite Regular; Pomegranate Juice; Fresh Lemon and Green Apple; Fruit Shake; Apple/Mango; Banana/Avocado

DESSERT- Baklava; Pudding; Basbousa; Zabadiy

Ice Cream– French Vanilla and Cream Cheese; Peanut Butter  and Caramel

And here’s some of the food and drinks I tried together with other Davao Bloggers during their food tasting event four days before grand opening.


Kabsa Saudi’s Style


Biryani Saudi’s Style


Raita yogurt paired on Biryani Saudi’s style


Laban Plain



More photos during the food tasting event :

Cafe Rihanna is open from 10am to 10pm. You may contact them for reservations at 09173096008 and like their official Facebook page here for updates .

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®’s Brew Your Best Year: Street Art Series


Brew Your Best Year by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is kicking off 2016 with the launch of a three-part series of events that will hit big cities in the country: Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.

The theme of the series will be Create: Brew Your Best Masterpiece in which community members will get to unleash their inner creativity and exercise their imagination by learning about Street Art – a booming platform for individuality and self-expression- and then applying what they’ve learned by being a part of the team who will create The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s very first public mural.

The first leg of the series conducted by street artists BEK Graffiti and Janot happened last February 13, 2016 in the South’s Queen City, Cebu. The street art mural can now be seen at the Escario Wall, Cebu City.

For Davao City, the event is happening on February 27, 2016 in what is called the “creative and entertainment hub of Davao”, Matina Town Square. Some of the most well-known streets artists will showcase their talents and share personal stories behind the pursuit of their passion for street art. They are Troy Bascon – one of the pioneering graffiti artists in Davao with his iconic style of using cans and intricate graffiti letters, Kim Vale – a fine arts graduate with a background of painting that eventually led him to his love of using stencils in his creations, Ghamar Kanda – knowledgeable in spray cans and industrial paints for his street art and is popular for his works using imagery such as fish with a lobster claw, and Franco – one of the local street artists whose work you can find in every corner of the city and an expert in using wheat paste as his main medium.

The event is a half-day workshop from 1:00-5:00pm. Participants will get to learn about the history and basics of street art and graffiti. After which, participants are encouraged to collaborate together to design a street art mural in one of the walls in Matina Town Square.

And guess what? CBTL is opening 20 slots for the Davao leg event. Those who are interested to experience one of the ways in becoming the best version of your self- self-expression  through street art, kindly refer below for the mechanics.

1) Post an original artwork or photo on Instagram with the theme, “Making my life my best masterpiece”.

2) Make sure you use the hashtags #brew2016 #cbtlph in the caption of your photo.

Individuals with the most creative entries will receive an exclusive invite to the event.

CBTL BYBY Event Invite Image

To know more about the event, please visit the

Official Website of Brew Your Best Year | Brew Your Best Year Facebook | Brew Your Best Year Instagram | Brew Your Best Year Twitter


And with that, presenting this freedom wall inside my room.


It’s quite unorganized and sometimes chaotic but you can see the expression of my dreams, failures, learnings and memories as one. That’s how I make my life my best masterpiece. You get lost in some way, but after after all, Life is colorful.

Online Shopping : Where To Buy Foot Wears


Online shopping is my new thing! I started to love it since last year and aside from convenience, I like how I find a wide range of selection when shopping online. I get to have more options of designs, colors and of course I get to know more brands both local and international.

One of the stuff I buy online are foot wears. Since summer is fast approaching here in Philippines, I plan to buy sandals next month not just intended for the season but also for my upcoming travel.

When choosing foot wears, I prefer flat shoes and sandals for my daily use. I am after with being comfortable rather than wearing those physically appealing shoes/sandal yet feeling unhappy with the length of heels or maybe the fit. I am also an on the go kind of person. I’m a great commuter as well thus wearing flats is a win!

This time I’m still on the process of choosing which to buy and I’ve been browsing ZALORA Ph because they have a lot of designs which are really affordable. Yay! I’m excited to have one.

Are you also planning to buy one like me? For comfortable sandals, you can check out ZALORA Philippines.

Enjoy shopping guys!


credits here for the photo used in this post

Davao Dim sum Restaurant : Heng Kee Dimsum


Welcoming the year of the fire monkey with this good news to all dim sum food lovers! Heng Kee Dimsum, the newest dim sum restaurant in Davao City opened last February 8, 2016.


They offer affordable Rice topping meals which ranges from 60php – 90php only, of course dim sum and dumplings specialty which ranges from 55php – 135php and other add ons like buns and soup to complete your dim sum meal feels.

Lucky me to be one of the firsts to taste some of Heng Kee Dimsum’s specialties during their opening together with some of Davao Bloggers.

Check it out :


Pork Steamed Rice – 60php


Chef’s Dumplings – 55php


Xiao Long Bao – 90php


Hakao – 90php


Chicken Siomai – 55php


Chicken Feet – 70php


Spicy Fried Dumpling – 65php


Beef Siomai – 55php


Taosi Spare Ribs – 70php


Japanese Siomai – 55php


Chocolate/ Mongo Buchi – 70php; Pork & Shrimp Siomai – 55php; Shanghai Roll- 55php

Want to try these specialties fresh at home? They also offer frozen dimsum!


Trivia : Are you familiar with Caitlyn’s Dimsum house? Yes! they are just one with Heng Kee Dimsum. The  good news is Heng Kee Dimsum is open for franchise.

More photos during their opening :


Davao Bloggers with the Gen. Manager of Heng Kee Dimsum Sir Alexander “Ikloy” Buyco

Must try for me is their Spicy Fried Dumpling and Chocolate Buchi. Definitely coming back! Thank you Heng Kee Dimsum and Davao Bloggers Society!

Location : Asian Food Court Gaisano Mall Davao City

Facebook Page : Heng Kee Dimsum Restaurant

McHappy Day Stripes Run

mc 001

Davao Bloggers

photo credits

The first ever McHappy Day Stripes Run in Davao City last November 28, 2015 was held in Peoples Park. I thank Mc Donald’s Philippines for inviting me as one of the Media Team  to cover the event.

mc 021

The race kit includes a McHappy Day shirt, McDonald’s red and white striped socks, stub for a free McDonald’s breakfast meal at the venue, and a race bib.

There run consists different categories. Check out the following winners for each category.

  1. Catch the Hamburglar 1K

·         Male Category – Brix Baguio (03:54)

·         Female Category – Princess Salupado (04:39)

 2) Race Grimace 3K Children

·         Male Category – Anthony Hudson Pineda (18:22)

·         Female Category – Natalie Margarette Roble (20:20)

 3) Run Grimace Run 3K Adult

·         Male Category – Ferran Pepito (08:19)

·         Female Category – Karla Lim (13:32)

 4) McDonald’s Family Dash 3K

·         Dan Velasco & Family (18:11)

 5) Early Birdie 5K

·         Male Category – Erwin Gubal (16:18)

·         Female Category – Diana Mae Memoracion (19:49)

 6) Ronald McDonald Challenge 10K

·         Male Category – Sonny Wagdos (37:10)

·         Female Category – Judelyn Miranda (44:00)

Proceeds of this event is for the benefit  of “Ronald McDomald Read to Learn”, a flagship program of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

Again, thank you so much McDonalds’s Philippines. I enjoyed a lot with the activities and games. I look forward to joining more of your activities just like this.

More photos of the event :

Head over to https://www.mcdonalds.com.ph/ for more updates.

Thanks for reading!