To all the visitors and readers of my blog I warn you with these follwing things:

1) First of all, I am not good in speaking English as well as in writing. I am not a good writer (kaya nga nagiging trying hard na mag blog:-)) so please just post your comments, anyway I am always open to criticisms. You can suggest about my grammar and everything under the sun:-)

2) I will be using different language and dialects here depending on whom I dedicated my post or depending on the capacity of my brain cells. LOL. Ofcourse I will try my very best to speak English for everyone in general. So that everyone can relate. Tapos pag medyo senti nman ang trip  magtatagalog naman ako. Para kilig! hehe. Pag chai chai pud ug tirada mag bisaya pud ko. heheheh. Bitaw oie, pag kanang parte sa akong college life mas daghan daghan siguro ug bisaya. Ug kung parte isab sa province ko, childhood friends ug high school friends mag kamayo isab aq para lingaw.

hehe. So bear with me guyz. Pwede ko rin namang pag halo-haloin lahat ng alam kong sabihin. hehehe. Pero mg sure pud ko oie na di kaau luod paminawon. hehehe Basin malibogi ra isab basahon. hahaha(Just like this) ahaha.. well wala lang.

Thanks and Peace:-)


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