1) because of a stranger. :-). Yes! you read it right a stranger, named Johnonline (not a real name). I can’t remember how I was brought in his wordpress blog. Maybe it’s kinda different from the usual things that happen but honestly after reading some of his blog post, I can’t explain how I feel but all I know is I wanted to be like a good writer as him. All his posts will really touch someone’s heart. That is why I was inspired by him to pursue blogging. If you want to view his profile, click here. For people like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading his posts. I almost see myself as his online stalker because I was updated with his new posts in almost all of his sites, I even got to a point where I sent him sweet offline messages even if we both don’t know each other at all. And the worst thing that I did was when I was kinda mad at him because he don’t want to continue blogging in his johnonline account. I flooded offline messages to him as if he cares for what I feel. I mean we’re both strangers to each other so you will expect that my opinion is not that important. But you know what, I admired him more because he replied to my questions and we chat during that time. We talk about why he wanted to leave his blog and I understand. I’m happy that at least MY IDOL considered how I feel.

2) because I find it as a new way for me to express my hidden thoughts and discover more about myself . So bear with me readers! this is a place for my expressions. If you will be affected positively or the opposite, that’s all up to you. That’s why I made this, because in real life I always feel too defensive everytime I talk for my self or explain my side. So hopefully through writing,  I’d be able to understand better my self.

3) because I want to write the stories of the special moments that happened in my life and acknowledge those people who journey with me along the way. People who are significant in my life. Those who made me sad and ofcourse who made me happy.  Everytime I do something, people around me most especially my family always call my attention, what’s hard for me is when I do something especially bad thing they always throw words at me which bites my emotion. It’s fine with me but then I can’t remember a situation where they explain my faults in a calm manner. It always end up with them getting mad at me. I don’t have enough courage to say all I want to say to them in person. I know that they love me as much as I love them but the same with me they too are not that vocal with it. So hopefully, this site will help me bridge the gaps with people who are important to me.


6 thoughts on “WHY BLOG?

  1. Hi! Sorry for asking you here… I don’t know where else to ask you but… how and where did you get your themes for your blog? I tried to do the customized theme with free CSS codes but it seems I have to pay wordpress to customize my page. I really need some help with my blog. 😦


  2. wow…everytime i visit your blog jo, i learn more new things about you. i salute you for your courage in pursuing your blog. keep it up. it only gets better:)


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